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Cleaner solvents for sustainable chemistry



SOLVIONIC is an innovation expert and dedicates part of its activity to Research & Development on ionic liquids and their applications (development and improvement of industrial processes and technologies related to chemistry or electrochemistry.).

Owing to their properties, ionic liquids are suited to many applications, in general chemistry, in petrochemistry, in electrochemistry, in the pharmaceutical industry, etc. That's why our Research & Development team are made up of PhD Engineers with multidisciplinary background in Electrochemistry, Catalysis and Organic Chemistry.

Research Topics

New Materials and Energy

Development of electrolytes for electrodeposition of metals and semiconductors.
New electrolytes for batteries and supercapacitors. 
Membrane formulations for electrochromic devices. 

Synthesis and Catalysis

Catalytic systems, nanomaterials, solubilizations, extractions.


To see your projects through to successful completion, we provide you with our expertise. We can offer agreements to support you in your process of developing new compounds. We also study their use in your applications.

We can further develop partnerships with university laboratories and develop ionic liquids from kilolab to pre-industrial quantities to effectively meet your needs.

Confidentiality is guaranteed.