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Publication : Supercapacitors with Ionogel Electrolyte

Title : “All Solid-State Symmetrical Activated Carbon Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitors Designed with Ionogel Electrolyte”

Reference : M. Brachet, T. Brousse and J. Le Bideau, ECS Electrochemistry Letters 2014, Volume 3, Issue 11, pages A112-A115.

Comment : “This paper shows the concept of solid-state supercapacitors assembled with symmetrical activated carbon electrodes and separated by an ionogel. This ionogel is a chemical gel which is made of an ionic liquid confined within mesoporous silica. This solid-state electrolyte acts as a separator while the continuous monolithic silica host network still allows very high conductivity compared to other solid-state electrolytes. Such supercapacitors show very good cyclability. The ionic liquid of the study is available from Solvionic (ref. IM0208A, 99.9%, electrochemical grade)”

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