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Publication : metal oxide electrodeposition in ionic liquid

NiO cathodic electrochemical deposition from an aprotic ionic liquid: building metal oxide n-p heterojunctions

Eneko Azaceta, Sudam Chavhan, Paola Rossi, Marzia Paderi, Sebastien Fantini, Mariana Ungureanu, Oscar Miguel, Hans-Jurgen Grande, Ramon Tena-Zaera

Electrochimica Acta, Volume 71, 1 June 2012, Pages 39–43

NiO thin films have been successfully deposited by cathodicelectrochemicaldeposition in N-butyl-N-methylpyrrolidinium bis(trifloromethanesulfonyl)imide room temperature ionic liquid (IL), giving an unambiguous proof of concept of the metaloxide electrodeposition in aprotic ILs without metal hydroxide formation as an intermediate phase. The electrochemical phenomena involved in the deposition process have been analyzed by cyclic voltammetry, pointing out that the electrochemical reduction of Ni2+ may be quenched in oxygenated IL electrolytes. The physico-chemical properties of the obtained NiO thin films have been characterized by electron scanning and atomic force microscopies, X-ray diffraction and Fourier transform infrared X-ray photo-electron spectroscopies. By taking advantage of the present electrodeposition route, ZnO/NiO heterostructures have been built. The current density-voltage characteristic of the resulting device exhibits clear rectifying behavior, with a rectification factor of 3 × 103 at V = ±1 V. This result anticipates a significant potential of the present electrochemical route in the metaloxide electronics.

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