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Cleaner solvents for sustainable chemistry

SOLVIONIC is a company developing specialized chemistry in the field of ionic liquids.

As part of sustainable chemistry, SOLVIONIC uses an innovative technology which consists in designing chemical processes as a whole to use less energy, fewer raw materials...

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LiFSI:Emim FSI (2:3 mol ratio) 99.9%

LiFSI:Emim FSI (2:3 mol ratio) 99.9%


27/06/2019 Power Our Future 2019 Conference

2 - 5 July 2019, in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain

11/06/2019 Completion of ALISE Project

A timeline summary of the achievements in ALISE and partners of the consortium.

16/04/2019 Battery Energy Storage

White paper - SusChem Materials Working Group 2018

02/04/2019 LiFSI based Electrolytes

Next Generation - Available Now !

11/03/2019 Si-DRIVE - New European Project

Solvionic partner of a new H2020 project “Si-DRIVE” on the development of next generation Li-ion batteries.

01/11/2018 HELIS Project - 8th General assembly

Tel-Aviv on November 7-8th, 2018